Clinton Says She Was 'Stalked' By Donald Trump: 'I Felt This Weird Presence'

Republican nominee Donald Trump had an interesting tactic during the second presidential debate in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday.

Whenever Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would speak, Trump would stand right behind her, hovering over her.

It definitely didn't go unnoticed by the internet:

And although she kept her cool like a boss, it turns out Trump's lurking behavior didn't go unnoticed by Clinton, either.

The Democratic nominee sat down with Ellen DeGeneres this week and discussed the debate.

The debate was done in a town hall style, so questions were mostly coming from members of a small audience of undecided voters on stage with the candidates.

There were no podiums for the candidates, just chairs, and they were free to move around wherever they wanted.

Clinton spoke about how she was trying to connect with that crowd. But as she was working on that, something kept distracting her.

She said,

[Trump] was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage.

Clinton continued, beginning to laugh,

I would just feel this presence behind me. I thought, 'Whoa, this is really weird.'

So did we, Hill, so did we.

The former secretary of state went on to say during all that she was simply trying to stay composed and keep her attention on the moderators and audience.

Clinton, who faced 11 hours of Congressional testimony last year with a brisk brush of her shoulder, largely succeeded in keeping her composure.

Clinton said Trump's stalking came from his feelings of anger and frustration.

The weekend of the debate, a video was released showing Trump saying he "grabs [women] by the pussy," so he sure was facing a lot of pressure.

But Trump's lurking presence wasn't the only distraction Clinton had to deal with during the debate.

Trump brought three women who had accused her husband of sexual assault and harassment, as well as one woman who said she was raped by a man Clinton represented as a public defender, to sit in the audience at the debate.

Clinton vaguely addressed this during a speech on Thursday. She said,

His campaign is promising more scorched earth attacks. Now that's up to him. He can run his campaign however he chooses. And frankly I don't care if he goes after me. I signed on for this. But I will defend and stand up for every other person or every other group.

The third and final presidential debate is next Wednesday in Las Vegas, Nevada. The election itself is on November 8.

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