The Quick Refresher On Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal You Need For The Debate


Hillary Clinton is tied to a few "scandal" buzzwords that can be used against her.

Some of these scandals are legitimate concerns, others are mean conspiracy theories, and most fall in between the spectrum.

Elite Daily is explaining them to you as quickly as possible, along with some analysis on how much you should care about each one.

What happened:


Hillary Clinton used a private server for her emails while serving as Secretary of State.

What people say about it:

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People say Clinton using a private server shows a lack of discretion about classified information. Other people say she should be "locked up" for this.

The FBI reviewed the email situation and said they did not recommend any criminal charges and did not find evidence that Clinton had intentionally mishandled classified information.

The FBI did, however, call her and her colleagues "extremely careless" in their email use.

Colin Powell used personal emails while he served as Secretary of State. Powell said he did not tell Clinton how to use her personal account to get around government email systems, but released emails showed he actually did explain his process to her.

There is also a lot of concern over 32,000 emails that were deleted from Clinton's account. Those were, allegedly, personal emails deleted before turning the rest over.

Should it matter in this election?

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Donald Trump and his supporters will continue to insist that Clinton should be "locked up," despite the FBI's finding that she should not be criminally charged in the first place.

Obviously, careless handling of classified information is bad. Her handling has been shady. Deleting all those emails is shady.

But this email case has been endlessly investigated -- up to the FBI -- without any criminal offenses identified.

Of 30,000 emails that have been released, eight chains included "top secret" information.

Nearly one year ago, Bernie Sanders said that we are sick of hearing about Clinton's "damn emails."

Honestly? We stand by that assessment.

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