Hillary Clinton Convinces Girl Not To Change Name To 'Lillary'


If it wasn't quite obvious that Hillary Clinton is a huge inspiration for girls across our nation, then read the story of 7-year-old Lilly.

Lilly's mom, Jennifer Rosen-Heinz, recently wrote in to the Clinton campaign to speak about how much the Democratic nominee means to her daughter.

In fact, Hillary is such an inspiration that Lilly wanted to change her name to "Lillary" so she could run for president one day as well.

She also added,

She didn't expect to hear back, but then she found a letter in the mail addressed to her daughter. She took to Facebook to share.

The letter read,

After school, Lilly read the letter out loud while holding her stuffed cat, Q-Tip. She said, with a flex of her bicep, that it made it her feel "happy and excited and strong."

The young girl, who will be Wonder Woman for Halloween, said of Clinton,

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