Hillary Clinton Wishes Herself Happy Birthday With Least Modest Tweet Ever


It's Hillary Clinton's birthday, guys, so you know what that means.

One, for all of us who grew up during a Clinton-led White House, DAMN, we're old.

All right, now that that's out of the way, here's number two: There was always going to be a self-celebratory tweet for the presidential front-runner herself.

When it came, it was the least humble thing ever.

Hill-arious! (Just kidding. It's not that funny. I just wanted to try a new pun.)

That's a pretty bold move, though — one that needs to be broken down.

First, let's get to the picture. That's such a Hillary picture to take, even at that age.

Like, at the risk of reaching here, I just have to say this: Doesn't young Hillary look like a girl who's both innocent and capable of doing something, you know, not so innocent?

I mean, that's definitely a smirk on her face and not a smile. And there's a huge difference.


That smirk says, "I'm up to something."

At that moment, I wouldn't be surprised if Hilldog was planning a charity lemonade stand where 90 percent of the proceeds go to a local dog shelter (you know, because the other 10 percent is for operating costs).

Of course, only her donors could sit by her at the lunch table.

Anyway, the other thing here. Umm, do they know that the election isn't over yet? And I definitely mean "they" because we know damn well that tweet wasn't from Hillary. All personal tweets from HRC come with a signature "H," like so.

Speaking of guys like Colin Powell, let's get back on track.

Yes, we know Hillary Clinton has all the big names like Powell and a big lead in the polls. But this election isn't over 'til it's over, and tweeting like it is over is a one-way ticket to embarrassment on election night if things go south.

So chill out for like two more weeks, bro. Damn.

Oh, and, happy birthday.

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