Women Are Sharing Emotional Stories About Experiencing Sexual Harassment

by Alexandra Svokos

EverydaySexism started #WhenIWas for women to share their experiences of sexual harassment.

Women are encouraged to share when they first started to experience sexism and sexual harassment.  It is intended to show how prevalent sexism is and how it starts affecting women even at very young ages.

Many of the stories women are sharing are about the first times they noticed sexism in comments and unequal rules.

#WhenIWas also includes stories about women facing verbal harassment and inappropriate sexual comments.

Women are talking about times they were assaulted and how those times were assumed to be all right -- instead of forms of harassment.

Men are also joining in on the hashtag to recognize their ignorance of the topic.

Some women are coming forward with stories about men ignoring their rejections of advances.

Women are also sharing stories using #WhenIWas about rape and assault.

Naturally, though, in a trend full of women revealing instances of sexism and assault, trolls are coming in and disrupting the conversation, further proving the hashtag's point.

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