Someone Made 'Grab Her By The Brain' Hats And People Are Losing It

The presidential election cycle is, thankfully, coming to a close. During these last 19 days (yes, that's it), the internet really seems to be imploding... as is my sanity.

Behold: the "Grab Her By The Brain" initiative.

Someone decided it would be a great idea to try and empower women by making a slogan — and accompanying hats — capitalizing on Donald Trump's disgusting "grab them by the pussy" comment.

Because what woman wouldn't love a product made as a spin-off of sexual assault?


"Grab Her By The Brain" was born from a desire to make women feel empowered instead of degraded following Donald Trump's now infamous line.

The campaign's site describes the initiative as a “movement… that is dedicated to empowering females of all ages." Apparently, its mission is to “confront gender inequality with an unparalleled positivity and enthusiasm."

Yeah, this is really gonna work.

To me, this screams "sensitive dudebro."

The sensitive dudebro is the guy who tries really, really hard to make sure women know just how much he cares about them, while often proving his passion for women's rights is really just an act, and he doesn't know what equality is at all.

A sensitive dudebro must've been like, "Hey, girl. I want you to know I'm on your side. I LOVE women. I'm all about empowering them. You know what I'm gonna do to make sure you feel ALL the equality? I'm gonna grab you by your brain."

That's right. He's not going to grab you by your pussy without consent because that's just wrong.

Nope! Instead, he's going to grab you by your BRAIN without consent because that's obviously the most empowering thing a guy can do for a woman. He values your BRAIN!

Wow, can you believe how lucky we are to have the sensitive dudebro? Does he love you or what? He's so thoughtful and sensitive. He really cares about equality!

Let's give him a round of applause for really thinking hard about how he can make women feel empowered during a time when presidential candidates are bragging about sexually assaulting them.

Dear God. Some men just really don't get it, do they?

Twitter has a little something to say about these hats (which are $21 on a site that looks really fake, despite its celebrity ambassadors).

Gregg Sulkin (formerly of "Wizards Of Waverly Place" fame) is one of those ambassadors.

He tweeted this earlier today:

Twitter collectively sighed in disappointment and then went for the jugular.

you are mis sing the point — Kelli Boyle (@kellixboyle) October 20, 2016

Please understand that women (and ally men) aren't only pissed Trump used the word "pussy." "Grab them" is the operative offensive comment.


Some men get it. Thank you, men who get it.


Let's just drive home this obvious point: Don't grab women.