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A Global Revolution: Democrats Living Abroad Are Feeling The Bern

Senator Bernie Sanders' "political revolution" just went global.

Sanders absolutely dominated Hillary Clinton among Democratic voters living abroad in the "Global Presidential Primary," winning 69 percent of the vote, while Clinton won just 31 percent, POLITICO reports.

Indeed, Democrats across the world are really feeling the Bern.

The Democrats Abroad primary took place earlier this month and occurred across 38 countries, with more than 150 voting events -- 34,570 voters participated in total.

Unlike the GOP, the Democratic party allows expats to vote in the nominating process, and the Democratic National Committee grants the Democrats Abroad group 13 pledged delegates.

The victory gives Sanders nine delegates and Clinton four.

Sanders released this statement on the news, saying,

This political revolution that is gaining momentum across America is now resonating all over the world. There is a clear path to victory as we begin the second half of the delegate selection process.

While all of this isn't very significant in terms of the overall delegate count (Clinton still has a huge lead), it's definitely a morale boost for Sanders' campaign.

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