Millennials And Sex: How Frisky Are Members Of Your Political Party?

by Alexia LaFata

For Millennials, relevant political issues of today include gun violence, #BlackLivesMatter, mental health issues, trans rights, unemployment, climate change, terrorism and more.

And the 2016 election may be a year away, but that hasn't stopped all of us from talking about the candidates we love and the candidates we hate (cough, Donald Trump) and questioning them on how exactly they're going to address these political issues in their campaigns.

We all have some semblance of an idea of where we stand on these issues (If you don't, you should educate yourself ASAP so you can vote accordingly).

But as a Millennial, I couldn't help but notice that one very, very, very important political issue has been left out of our cultural conversation: sex.

Yes, sex. How much sex are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and Independent Millennials having? How frequently are they using condoms? How many sexual partners do they have? How likely are they to have a one night stand?

This is important, guys. Extremely, extremely important.

SKYN® Condoms by LifeStyles® recently revealed the results of their 2015 SKYN® Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, a massive survey in which they asked Millennials (18- to 34-year-olds) a wide variety of questions about their sex lives.

They received responses from 5,117 sexually active men and women.

Here's what they found in regards to political affiliation and sex habits.