Even Fox News Personalities Are Bashing Donald Trump Right Now, So This Is Bad

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Ever since the president of the United States avoided singling out white supremacists during his initial statement on violent protests in Virginia, there's been a rare media trend that has occurred: videos of Fox News bashing Donald Trump. That trend continued on Tuesday evening, Aug. 16, when political commentator Charles Krauthammer used the words "moral disgrace" to describe Trump's attempt to divide blame for the protests among not only white supremacist demonstrators, but the counter-protesters who were against them. After Trump's third protest-related press conference, Krauthammer said,

To critique what he did today on the grounds that it distracts from the agenda... is a cop out. What Trump did today was a moral disgrace. He reverted back to Saturday.

To be clear, Fox News is far from having a majority of its personalities, contributors, and analysts blasting Trump on this issue. Krauthammer's very response points to that fact. His mention of a "cop out" came right after Laura Ingraham -- a well-know conservative radio host who was sitting next to Krauthammer at the time -- had mentioned that the biggest problem for Trump on Tuesday was that his remarks about the protests pulled attention away from his policies.

In other words, Ingraham asserted that what Trump did was a tactical error and not a moral one.

Other Fox News personalities were not so kind, however.

On the show Fox News Specialists, host Kat Timpf wondered if Trump's press conference was "actually real life."

On Monday, Dana Perino implored the president to denounce white supremacists seeking "safe harbor" under his wing.

Another host, Eboni Williams, called Trump's remarks "cowardly and dangerous."

And then there was Krauthammer's "moral disgrace" comment.

These moments are useful for an obvious reason.

As a network that leans to the right, Fox News is less prone to featuring hysterical reactions to any of Trump's moves. Critics might say this also makes Fox News prone to not giving the president criticism when he deserves it, sure. But on the flip side, when multiple personalities do in fact hit Trump hard on Fox News, it emphasizes how problematic any one story has gotten for him.

Needless to say, this is one of those times.