Many Believe Hillary Clinton Is A Demon, Florida Poll Reveals

Hillary Clinton: grandmother, presidential hopeful, SPAWN OF SATAN?

An alarming number of people actually believe the latter.

A poll of 985 likely Florida voters from Public Policy Polling shows nearly 20 percent of people think Hillary is a demon.

A total of 66 percent believe she has no ties to the devil, and 14 percent aren't sure. Here's the proof:

Public Policy Polling

They're on to you, Hills.

We don't know what's going on down in the Panhandle, but a concerning number of people think Donald Trump isn't sexist. When asked whether they think he's respectful to women, 34 percent said yes.

Public Policy Polling

But all hope is not lost in this presidential race, because 4 percent of these people polled over in Florida want FOUR YEARS OF KEN BONE. Give him a hand, ladies and gentlemen.

Public Policy Polling

Clinton continues to lead the state, according to the October 14 poll. She polled at 46 percent while 42 percent say they're for Donald Trump. Gary Johnson is at 5 percent, and Jill Stein comes in at just 1 percent.

Trump was already unpopular in Florida, but recent stories surfacing about antics from his past have had a negative impact nationwide.


Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling, said,

Donald Trump's just getting even more unpopular as Election Day nears. With Hillary Clinton's lead continuing to grow in states like Florida that she doesn't even necessarily need to win the election, the question is becoming less whether she will win than the magnitude of the landslide.

He added Public Policy Polling says Trump is likely to use Bill Clinton's past shenanigans as a weapon against his wife in a last-minute attempt to claw back votes.

But they predict a character assassination isn't going to be enough to gain any kind of decent ground on the campaign trail.

Nearly 60 percent of those surveyed said it's unfair to hold Hillary responsible for her husband's actions.

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