Donald Trump Tweets Racist, Fake Statistic About Black People And Crime

by Sean Levinson
Getty Images

On Sunday, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump retweeted false statistics claiming most murders of white people are committed by black people.

According to Daily Mail, the original tweet came from a user whose profile picture contains a logo that reportedly resembles a swastika.

The Twitterverse immediately erupted after Trump's retweet, which was interpreted by hundreds of users as a declaration of racism.


The tweet cites the Crime Statistics Bureau in San Francisco as its source of information gathered this year.

Not only does this organization appear to be completely made up, but the FBI's statistics on US crime in 2015 have not even been released.

Statistics released by the FBI last year, however, revealed white people were responsible for 82 percent of white murders, not 16 percent, like Trump's tweet says.

The data additionally states blacks committed 14 percent of white murders and under 90 percent of black murders, Huffington Post reports.

You should probably check your sources, Trump.

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