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This Underwear Lets You Get Your Period On Politicians Who Aren't Pro-Women

Period panty makers added a new feature to their product: pictures of politicians who don't support women's rights.

Cute Fruit Undies is selling a new line called Bloody Marys, which feature pictures of politicians of your choosing.

Sarah Palatnik

The high-waisted panties are leakproof, anti-bacterial and made out of moisture-wicking fabric so they don't feel wet. They also come with attachable heat packs to soothe cramps.

You can have your period all over John Kasich, who defunded Planned Parenthood in Ohio.

Sarah Palatnik

The politicians' faces are sewn into the panties. You can pick from politicians like Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and John Kasich, all of whom have really bad records on reproductive rights, women's health and general sexism.

Ted Cruz said repeatedly he'd work to outlaw abortion should he become president, so he must really like periods.

Sarah Palatnik

Sarah Palatnik, who created the project, said,

Each pair has the face of a politician who is trying or has tried to hinder women's reproductive rights, so you can BLEED ALL OVER EM!

Most of these politicians made attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, so as an even nicer touch, $3 of each sale is donated to Planned Parenthood.

Donald Trump is, well, a misogynist.

Sarah Palatnik

Although it's a hysterical concept, I'm not quite sure how comfortable I'd be putting these politicians that close to my vagina. But if you're more courageous than I am, the panties are available on Etsy.

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