Chance The Rapper Wants You To Stay Woke And Vote With New NAACP Campaign


Chance The Rapper, who seems to be everywhere these days, is now entering the world of politics.

He's just announced he's teaming up with the NAACP for its #staywokeandvote campaign and will provide his fans with an opportunity to register to vote at his concerts on his "Magnificent Coloring World Tour."

He's not just talented, he's socially conscious!


Volunteers from the NAACP's Youth and College Division will be available at his shows nationwide to help first-time voters register in preparation for the general election in November.


In a statement, Cornell William Brooks, president and CEO of the NAACP, said,

As the largest and most diverse generation in US history, Millennials have the chance to make or break this election.

With approximately 69 million eligible voters in this generation, Millennials comprise the largest share of the electorate next to Baby Boomers.

The big question is whether or not they will actually vote.

In the past, voter turnout among Millennials has been pretty pathetic. During the 2014 midterm elections, for example, Millennials made up just 13 percent of the electorate.

Every election is important, but there is so much at stake in this one particularly. It will impact a wide array of issues for years to come.

This is exactly why Chance the Rapper is getting involved and hopes to inspire more young people to vote.

The 23-year-old Chicago native said,

Indeed, every vote counts -- yours does too. Make sure your voice is heard.

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