Bernie Sanders Calls Out One Thing No One Noticed In Trump's Inaugural Address

by John Haltiwanger

In a viral Facebook post on January 22, Senator Bernie Sanders called out President Donald Trump for the "big lie" in his inaugural address.

Sanders has been a major thorn in Trump's side since Election Day, and it's safe to say he has no plans on changing his tune anytime soon.

The Vermont senator wrote,

Trump's Big Lie: In his inaugural address, Mr. Trump talked about taking on the Establishment and standing up for working people. Meanwhile, right behind him in the VIP section of the inaugural stands, were corporate tycoons and cabinet nominees worth tens of billions of dollars. Oh, yes. This "anti-establishment" president raised at least $100 million from some of the most powerful special interests in the country for his inaugural events. Mr. Trump is not an anti-establishment president. He and his billionaire friends ARE the establishment and the American people will learn that very soon.

Sanders has a point.

Trump has consistently presented himself as a champion of ordinary Americans — or a "man of the people." But when you take a look at his lavish lifestyle and the company he keeps, it's a bit difficult to take him on his word.

Trump was born into wealth — receiving a "small loan of a million dollars" from his father when he was just starting out. The new president is a billionaire with a $100 million Manhattan penthouse complete with marble columns and floors, 24-karat gold accents, crystal chandeliers and art featuring Greek gods.

This is not a man who knows what it means to struggle, and his life experience has definitely been anything but ordinary.

He said he wants to "drain the swamp" and rid Washington of rampant corruption and greed, yet he's nominated people for important cabinet positions that signify he intends to do the complete opposite. For example, his nominee for treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, worked for Goldman Sachs for 17 years and profited off the housing crisis.

In fact, Trump has assembled the wealthiest cabinet in US history. So, it's pretty difficult to disagree with Sanders' critique of Trump.

Long story short: Trump is not draining the swamp, he's filling it with alligators, slugs and snakes.

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