11 People At Bernie's NYC Rally Tell You Why They 'Feel The Bern'

Alexandra Svokos

An estimated 27,000 people came to Washington Square Park in New York City for a Bernie Sanders rally last night, April 13.

It was a spirited night full of energy and many shouts of, "Feel the Bern."

We asked 11 people there what they like about Bernie Sanders. Here is what they said.

Bernie cares about pertinent issues for some young voters.

Alexandra Svokos

Michael DeLuca, 21, is voting for his second time. He said:

[Bernie] cares about the issues that affect us. We're college students, we care about getting an affordable education, we care about getting jobs, having a clean environment and a safe future. And I think he cares about those things.

Cristina Gnecco, 21, is voting for her first time. She said:

I think this is the political revolution that Millennials are looking for. We need big changes, we're tired of this old political process. Bernie is the real deal. He's been consistent since day one. He's got integrity, he cares about the environment. He's the best one out there.

Bernie also has support from an even younger fanbase.

Alexandra Svokos

Only one person in this group is old enough to vote in the New York primary election and only two will be able to vote in the general election, but they're inspired by Bernie's message.

Kelvin, who is 18 and will be voting in the primary, said:

He's honestly the best candidate for the Democratic party because he speaks the truth, he wants to end mass incarceration, he wants to raise the minimum wage -- something very important for working class families -- and he wants to improve healthcare for working class families as well. Bernie is the ultimate package.

Tabatha, who is 17 and will be voting in the general election, said she hopes she can vote for Bernie:

I feel that he's the best candidate for the majority of the country -- the 99 percent, for black people, for Hispanic people, for Asian people. He really cares about minority people. And ending things like mass incarceration, raising the minimum wage for people to be able to live and to afford things. And not only live in this constant struggle. I think that's very, very important.

Andrea, 17, echoed Tabatha:

He cares about our planet, and I think that a lot of the other candidates overlook the fact that this Earth needs our help. He wants to put an end to fracking and petroleum and he wants to work on sustainable energy, which I think is honestly amazing. He cares about people of color and women and vets. A lot of people overlook us, but we're important, too, and Bernie makes us feel important.

Sarah, 17, said:

I think that there's the misconception about Bernie Sanders that he's ... a Communist. Like I remember I was on Facebook and this man was like, 'Oh, Bernie Sanders is a Communist.' But in reality, he's a democratic socialist. And I think Bernie Sanders is one of the few candidates to actually address institutionalized racism. He even used the phrase 'institutionalized racism.' That just shows a lot about the type of guy he is. He doesn't answer to all these Super PACs, he answers to the people, and I think that's important. It gives us hope.

Some appreciate Bernie's straight-forward ideas.

Alexandra Svokos

Azza Awad, 20, likes Bernie's ideas:

I like that he's a genuine person who has a clear platform of certain ideas and certain concepts that he wants to get across, like free college education. Although I don't believe that's possible, that it's going to happen necessarily in the future, the possibility that a politician like him considers that is well enough for me.

Astrid Dorvil, 19, likes his consistency:

I like that he's consistent, and I like that he believes in what he's saying, and he's for the people. Everything that he says are things that will help society and will help us.

Bernie generated some interest from other countries as well.

Alexandra Svokos

Alex Sala, 20, and Thomas Webb, 21, are exchange students at New York University.

Sala is from France and said he might not pick Sanders if he were an American citizen -- because the political system here is too stunted for any of Sanders's policies to go through. But, he said:

Coming from Europe, we do not have the same definition of socialism, so a lot of things seem obvious about what he's saying. We've got free healthcare, we have free education.

Webb, from the United Kingdom, said he would probably vote for Sanders:

He's closest to any of the politicians I have at home. The idea of universal healthcare is a really big one for me. It's something that we rely on a lot at home. It's something that I've relied on. I think the idea that the US doesn't have it now is crazy.

Overall, Bernie Sanders is inspiring many people.

Alexandra Svokos

James Nevola, 22, is voting in his second election, but this rally was the first big political event he went to. He said:

He's just a really inspiring -- probably one of the last inspiring politicians that we have. I just really [think] his messages on the economy and on the environment and campaign finance reform are definitely great.

Interviews have been condensed and edited for clarity.