Ben Carson's Campaign Releases Rap Song To Target Black Voters (Video)

This just in: Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson dished out a hefty $150,000 for an ad campaign targeting black voters.

What's this grand campaign? It's a radio ad featuring rapper Aspiring Mogul with voiceovers by Carson, of course!

The radio spot will air tomorrow in several Southern US cities, including Jackson, Mississippi; Atlanta, Georgia; Memphis, Tennessee; Miami, Florida; Houston, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Detroit, Michigan; and Birmingham, Alabama.

Carson Campaign Spokesman Doug Watts describes the target market of African-Americans as "a non-traditional voting market for Republicans." He tells ABC News,

Reaching them on a level they appreciate and follow and see if we can attract their consciousness about the election. They need to get involved and express their voice through their vote.

It's an interesting approach to suggest the best way to connect with the black community is through rap music.

Carson can be heard on the track over Aspiring Mogul's beat, saying,

I'm very hopeful that I'm not the only one that's willing to pick up the baton to freedom. Because freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. Every one of us must fight for us because we are fighting for our children and the next generation.

ICYMI, in a sneak preview of this Saturday's episode of "Saturday Night Live," Republican rival Donald Trump dropped a one-liner in which he calls Carson "a complete and total loser."

How would voters react if Donald Trump released an ad campaign similar to the one above?

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