9 Basic Human Necessities The Government Should Pay For

by Samantha Lebbos

There are a handful of things I can’t stand. From people who walk slowly to crumbs on the kitchen table to people who sneeze or cough without covering their mouths, it's all unacceptable.

But, the one thing I absolutely cannot stand is going to the store and spending money on sh*t that should be free.

Generation-Y is a spoiled bunch. You can’t disagree with me there.

Our parents cater to our every need: They still cook for us; they cleaned our rooms when lived at home, and they helped us out in college when we needed that extra cash to spend at the bar.

They even paid for our phone bills and maybe even bought us our first car.

Most importantly, though, they rooted for us when we stepped out into the real world.

And, now, they laugh at us when we complain about how expensive life is. (Touché, Mom and Dad.)

What more could we ask for from our parents? They trained us, and now we live on our own.

Needless to say, we can't go back to living under our parents' roof because we've made our own lives. We do things on our own now.

Doing things on our own includes hitting the store and buying our own stuff.

When out and about doing my weekly shopping, I swear, the only question that runs through my mind is, "Do people really have to spend money on stuff that is necessity?"

Fine! Here! Take my money! Here are nine things that should be free but, sadly, aren't:

1. Feminine Products

“Why am I spending $8 on tampons again?” is a thought that goes through my mind every single month.

Unless you want me to bleed everywhere, tampons, pads, wipes and everything else menstruation related should be free.

I can’t forget to mention that yes, women still leak in their underwear. Do you know how much a pair of underwear costs?

A lot. For a bonus, a piece of chocolate should be free every month, too.

2. Water

Sometimes I am so parched it makes me the crankiest person in the world. What if I'm hungover and can't breathe?

Here, take my $2 for this water that is apparently from the prettiest mountain in the world.

I commend places that have water dispensers and plastic cups for their guests. Thank you for being the real MVP.

3. Toilet Paper

“$12 for 10 rolls? WTF?” This isn’t even about saving money anymore. This is about things we need vs. want.

Do you think I want to spend $12 on cotton toilet paper that won’t give me a rash?

No, but I have to because I don’t feel like walking around and smelling like dump. (PS girls don’t poop.)

4. Toothbrushes And Toothpaste

It’s not a good idea to walk around without a clean mouth because then you won't have any friends, but toothbrushes and toothpaste are both super expensive.

When did I start thinking this was expensive? When I had to buy it for myself. I can't really complain about this, though.

You could always get your teeth cleaning necessities for free at your dentist. I guess.

5. College Textbooks

This makes me want to cry. Five books can add up to $500 or more.

To be honest, I would always add $50 when I told my parents how much books were for the semester because an extra $50 would do a lot back in my Bradley University days.

But, that’s not the point! $500 or more for books? Some people can’t even afford tuition, and they are already just barely getting by.

From loans and housing to food, buying college textbooks was the worst part about college.

6. Condoms

BRB, let the entire world have a baby real quick. Now, I don’t buy condoms, but they are in the "feminine needs" aisle so they are hard to miss.

I feel like condoms should be mailed to everyone on a weekly basis. It would make everything a whole lot easier because I know guys are lazy and don’t go to the store just to get them.

7. Gym Memberships

No, I do not have a gym membership. Since the weather is nicer out, I would rather just hit the pavement running.

But, I do get tons of gym membership ads in the mail, and let me tell you, it’s not a pretty sight. It costs how much every month to stay in shape?

Bye. I can’t forget to mention eating healthy is not cheap either.

8. Any Meal For A Child

From kids' menus to baby formula, any meal for a child should be free. It’s not like they eat a lot. My nephew will cry for something, and then he'll have one bite and say he’s full.

Kids don’t even know what they want when they cry, let alone what they want when they're hungry.

Hell, I don’t even know what I want when I'm hungry. (But it’s usually either hot wings, pizza, Thai food or beer.)

9. Diapers

Welcome to social media where everyone is having babies (and posting about them).

With that being said, social media is also an outlet where you can talk about all of the things that piss you off. (Don’t worry, your fellow mom friends will comment and agree with you.)

The latest complaint I’ve read about on Facebook? Diapers. You know, those things babies take dumps in. Why are they complaining? Because they are expensive and babies poop a lot.

Could you imagine the amount of diapers you'd go through? Holy sh*t, literally.

Now, I understand either way, we will buy every single one of these products, but the fact we have to pay for these necessities just blows my mind.

I mean, I can’t be the only one who thinks these should be free, right? Anyone? Bueller?