Police Woman Helps Save An Abandoned Baby's Life By Breastfeeding Her

A police woman reportedly saved an abandoned newborn from starvation by breastfeeding her.

According to Daily Mail, residents of a forest community near La Marina, Colombia found the baby girl crying in the brush and called the police.

Part of the umbilical cord was reportedly still attached to the baby, who was only a few hours old. She was on the verge of dying when Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea arrived, according to local reports.

Urrea told local media she immediately realized the danger the baby was in.

Luckily, the officer recently had a child of her own, so she breastfed the infant while awaiting paramedics.

Urrea reportedly said,

I think any woman would have given her nourishment in the same circumstances.

Paramedics said the baby likely would have died if not for Urrea's quick thinking.

The baby is currently in the care of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute until the organization finds a household looking to adopt.

Police Officer Javier Martin reportedly said,

The girl had some lacerations and was suffering from hypothermia. However, she was treated quickly and is now in good health.

The baby's mother could be charged with attempted murder if police locate her.

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