Police Release The 911 Calls From When Lamar Odom Was Found Unconscious (Listen)

by Taylor Ortega

Audio footage of several 911 calls made by staff at the Love Ranch where Lamar suffered a cardiac arrest Tuesday have been released by Nevada authorities, Independent reports.

The calls were played during a press conference Wednesday.

In the first, a woman is heard asking for an ambulance and struggling to offer details about the 35-year-old's condition.

In a second call, the woman claims there is “blood coming out of his nose [and] white stuff coming out of his mouth."

She continues,

And we can't get him to wake up. He's almost not breathing.

When a man from the establishment jumps on the line, he confirms there is a “pinkish" fluid coming out of Odom's nose and the athlete is "breathing regularly" though his mouth.

The dispatcher asks if Odom took anything prior to his collapse, and the male caller finds a packet labeled “sexual performance enhancer for men,” insisting the former Laker has “taken a bunch of these.” The women in the background of the call estimate Khloé Kardashian's estranged husband ingested 10 pills over his three-day stay.

The male caller relays Odom also brought cocaine to the ranch, but the women verify he finished it on Saturday.

Odom remains in a coma in a Nevada hospital.

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