Touching Photo Shows A Cop Bringing A Hungry Homeless Man Some Pizza

An Ohio police officer earned mass praise after he was photographed bringing pizza and soda to a homeless man, Huffington Post reports.

According to a Facebook post from the Middletown Division of Police, the homeless man was "sleeping on the side of the road" when the officer, Jason Deaton, approached him. The post reminded viewers the man deserved a helping hand just as much as anybody else.



Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw told Journal-News his officers are known for displaying tremendous compassion to the less fortunate.

Of Deaton's act, Muterspaw said,

That's nothing new. It's just that you are hearing about it because of social media.

According to the police chief, Middletown officers previously gave Christmas presents to families in need and provided transportation for the homeless.

Among the nearly 200 comments on the post was a touching reminder from the officer's mother, Gloria Deaton.

She wrote,

We should always look at some that are less fortunate and think he or she is someone's son or daughter and say if that was mine I would want someone to help!!

Another comment urged others to echo Deaton's behavior since many are just one paycheck or crushing illness away from being left without homes as well.

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