Polaroid's New Camera Prints Photos Immediately And Without Any Ink

Someone alert Outkast because Polaroid pictures are about to get a second wind.

Snapping a picture on a Polaroid and then spending the next 10 minutes waving it back and forth like an older woman in a hot, Southern church was a necessary part of growing up.

We all had a junky camera our parents gave us, and we all marveled at how the white piece of photo paper slowly morphed into a full portrait right before our eyes after we took a picture.

Digital cameras and film sort of killed the Polaroid photo, but now, thanks to a new inkless invention, the Polaroid could start becoming a photography mainstay once again.

The product is called Polaroid Snap, and it uses ZINK printing technology to instantly give the photographer a copy of the photo.


According to Mashable, ZINK created a paper with cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals under a protective polymer coating. Once the photo is taken, the camera activates the crystals under the polymer and a picture emerges.

Each photo measures 2 inches by 3 inches.

What separates this camera from older Polaroid cameras is, because this camera is digital, you can print the picture bigger by saving it to a microSD card and printing it out another way.

The camera has three built-in presets -- color, black and white and vintage -- and costs $99.

Here is where it gets expensive: If you want 2 by 3-inch ZINK paper, a pack of 50 costs $24.99, which is like a billion dollars compared to how much typical digital camera storage costs.

I bet Taylor Swift is annoyingly excited about this. Like WAY too excited for this.

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