'Planet Earth II' Is Coming To Snapchat And Has No Need For Beauty Filters


If you haven't heard already, the heavyweight British wildlife documentary “Planet Earth II” finally lands in the US next week.

After waiting months for the big daddy of nature shows to make its way over from the UK, the premiere date of February 18 is exciting enough.

But, the lovely people at BBC have given us a tasty side to go alongside the main course, and now the excitement is really ramping up.

They have teamed up with Snapchat, meaning we will be treated to mini “Planet Earth II” shows, featuring never-before-seen, exclusive footage from the series on the app.


This is not a drill.

The first of the six Snapchat episodes drops the day before the premiere, and each one will be roughly four to six minutes long.

There is a catch, though.

Legendary broadcaster David Attenborough, who rivals Morgan Freeman for best voice on the planet and narrates the main series, isn't involved with the Snapchat project... because life is unfair.

Filling his gigantic shoes is actress Sophie Okonedo, meaning at least you'll still get to enjoy a British accent.


You'll find the episodes in the "Discover" section of Snapchat.

In a statement, Nick Bell, vice president of content for Snap Inc, said,

For millions of Snapchatters, our app is their first screen — and this will be their first introduction to the unbelievable cinematic quality, storylines and stunning visuals of the “Planet Earth” franchise. 'Planet Earth II' will have its own Snapcodes, which are scannable codes that make adding new friends and opening content on the platform easier. They will enable viewers to get an early preview of the first episode and the ability to watch previous episodes once they begin airing on Snapchat.

As a Brit who watched the main series back home last year, I have to say: Y'all are in for a treat.

Expect beautifully-shot scenes and surprisingly emotional storylines.

You won't find any spoilers here, but I'm still recovering from the iguana and the snakes scene. OMG.

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