'Stay Weird': People Of All Ages Give Advice To Their Younger Selves (Video)

A new video by CBC Radio One advises viewers on “how to age gracefully” by interviewing people from the ages of 7 to 93.

The 93-year-old who concludes the video is clearly the sagest of the bunch and offers the most valuable advice, but the greatest discovery may be that a 72-year-old chooses to pass along the same wisdom as an 8-year-old, suggesting to their younger pals,

Stay weird.

The video is intended as a farewell tribute to the award-winning radio show "WireTap," which, according to CBC, "invites you to eavesdrop on a mix of funny, thoughtful and unpredictable stories and conversations.

Fans of this video tribute can listen to host Jonathan Goldstein’s clever broadcast for more wry reflection.