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'Cocktastic' Coloring Book Makes A Strong Penis-Packed Gift

There's nothing I'd enjoy more than adding color to decorative drawings of penises.

Don't you agree? It seems so... therapeutic.

I'm thrilled to announce I can finally fulfill my creative desires with a "cocktastic" coloring book that's recently been released.

It's called "Cocktastic! Colorful Cocks," illustrated by our fellow penis-lover, Ella Cotton.

To be honest, it's at the top of my Christmas list.

Ella Cotton/ Retro Inc

Speaking of Christmas, the slogan under the book's cover floral illustration says "Jingle Balls!" which makes me want to own a copy even more.

What's better than penis drawings and the holidays?!


This year, a slew of adult coloring books hit the market, targeting those who needed to de-stress in a nostalgic way.

After one book was released featuring scandalous drawings of sex positions, we thought we'd seen the kinkiest of 'em.

Boy, were we wrong.

Ella Cotton/ Retro Inc
Ella Cotton/ Retro Inc

The images illustrated by Cotton in "Cocktastic! Colorful Cocks" includes detailed, penis-filled drawings of everything from Michelangelo's David to nuns harvesting from a "cock tree," Metro Reports.

Apparently, Cotton spoke with Metro about her reasoning behind creating a color book dedicated to cocks, and she's pretty much my hero.

She reportedly said,

I felt I wanted to do something a bit cheeky and funny. [...] The shape of the erect penis is a pretty strong symbol and I can see why its been adopted by many arts & cultures.

I've never seen a penis this pretty before.

Heck, even some of the penises have penises!

Ella Cotton/ Retro Inc

The artist reportedly continued, saying,

There are a surprising amount of willies in art! The phallic male member has been regarded as a symbol of good luck, fertility and a way of warding off "the evil eye."


Ella Cotton/ Retro Inc
Ella Cotton/ Retro Inc

One ~important~ disclosure is written at the top right-hand corner of the cover of the book.

It says,

Rubbing this book will not make it bigger.


I need a copy of this book for myself and all my single friends.

Oh, wait... I'm the only "single friend."

Please buy me this book.

(You can buy it on Amazon, here!)

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