Man With 18-Inch Penis Refuses To Get Reduction


Humans are rather strange creatures.

Some guy named Roberto Esquivel Cabrera from Saltillo, Mexico is the owner of the world's biggest penis. Reports state the man's member has been recorded at a length of "18.9 inches when flaccid."

I'll give you some time to get that scarring mental image wiped from your dirty, little mind.

As a dude, part of growing up means figuring out how big your dick is actually going to be. Are you going to be "the man" or are you going to be an utter disappointment? Time will tell.

For 54-year-old Cabrera, however, the man couldn't wait. He had to take matters into his own hands and physically manipulate the size of his man parts.


In a recent interview regarding Roberto Cabrera, Dr. Jesus David Salazar-Gonzalez spoke to Barcroft TV, saying,

Ouch. That sounds painful and completely unnecessary. Apparently, Roberto's doctors agree because they suggested he get a penis reduction so he can fully enjoy life. Of course, he just wants to have "a penis bigger than the rest of the people."

Dr. Gonzalez revealed,

It's true. Roberto doesn't give a shit about the normal life he could be living if he just went through with the reduction. Instead, he just wants to possess a non-functional member he can brag about.

He admits,

The 54-year-old man lived in the United States in the past, but ran into trouble with the law when he exposed himself to underage girls. As a result, Cabrera was convicted on a felony assault charge, according to Complex.

After being extradited back in 2001, the man says he wishes to return to the United States, find a woman to settle down with and eventually become a porn star,

Like I said, humans are rather strange creatures!

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