These 7 Penguins Drowned In A Zoo Proving That 2016 Sucks

Friends, I regret to announce that we've lost seven penguins.

That's right, seven of the most adorable flightless birds since the "Chicken Run" movie cast are no longer with us. This marks 2016 as one of the worst years of all time. Seriously, though...

The horrible news comes straight from the Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada where seven precious Humboldt penguins were found dead at the zoo's Penguin Plunge exhibit.

Calgary Zoo's director of animal care Jamie Dorgan spoke about the tragic news in a statement, saying,

This is devastating news. We have launched a full investigation so we can try to understand what happened and prevent further incidents like this from happening again.

After a series of tests on the poor penguins, doctors found that drowning caused the deaths of all seven Humboldt penguins.


Still, the zoo intends to narrow down exactly what might have caused the penguins to drown.

Dorgan spoke to reporters at The Calgary Herald, explaining,

We are thinking a lot of what the possibilities could be. We are really digging to find evidence. Right now it seems like something set these birds off, like if one or two birds got into a panic. But, really we are just speculating at this point.

If you're devastated, just imagine how the zoo keepers feel about this.


I'm sad just thinking about it... Dorgan added,

It's pretty tough. You know, all the animals at the zoo are family members for our staff. Anytime a zoo keeper comes in the morning and finds this type of event, it's really difficult. We're obviously very shocked at what happened and had a lot of people were very upset.

We'll just have to tell ourselves that these little penguins are in a better place... Hopefully, that will help ease the pain of such a saddening loss.


While the Calgary Zoo mourns the loss of the seven penguins who drowned, this isn't the first time tragedy stuck in the same penguin enclosure.

According to People, back in 2013, a bunch of penguins in the same area died after coming in contact with a harmful bacteria, which resulted in a lethal infection for each of the penguins.

Three years later, more penguin lives are lost. Go home, 2016. You're officially DONE.


Rest in peace, penguins. We'll miss you forever.

*infinite prayer hands emojis*

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