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This Guy Who Created A Revenge Website Against Ex Faces Criminal Charges

You guys, it's time to break out your jazz hands and do a happy dance because JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED.

Patrick Fox, the creepazoid of a guy who created a revenge website against his ex-wife, has been charged by Canadian authorities with criminal harassment and a weapons offense after being arrested by US border patrol agents in Washington State.

About two years ago, Fox created this revenge website with the sole purpose of harassing and defaming his ex-wife, Desiree Capuano. Content on the site includes but is not limited to screenshots of emails exchanged between Fox and his son, in which Fox proclaims that he would have "no qualms" shooting and killing the boy's mother if it were legal.

Capuano says that he has told Desiree over email that the overall goal is to keep the site up until it finally manages to harass her into killing herself.

However, he did admit in a February interview with CBC that he would settle for taking the site down as long as she was dead or until she was "destitute and homeless." Sweet of him to offer up that alternative.

The site was investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police back in January and they ultimately decided to let it go, partly because he lived in British Columbia and she in Arizona (with their son who she has full custody of).

But it seems as though Fox's luck has run out. The man was arrested in Washington State and charged with criminal harassment and “possession of firearms in an unauthorized location.”

Although this is mostly good news seeing as justice is finally being served to this freak of the week and there is hope for victims of online harassment everywhere, his ex-wife, who has an order of protection against him, has made it clear that she is absolutely terrified of the current situation and is disappointed that he was not charged sooner.

“I am more scared now than I have ever been in my entire life,” Desiree expressed of her fear that he will try to cross the border again if charges are dropped.

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