Parents Murder 5-Year-Old Daughter And Hide Her Body In Chinese Restaurant


Ashley Zhao, 5-year-old from Ohio, was reported missing on Monday night.

Her mother, Mingming Chen, called the police at around 9 pm and claimed Ashley's whereabouts were unknown, reports.

However, it turns out she knew exactly where her daughter was. Apparently, she's the one who killed her.

During an extensive search for the missing child on Tuesday, Ashley's body was found hidden in her parents' Chinese restaurant in North Canton, Ohio.

Police found Ashley's deceased body inside Ang's Asian Cuisine at around 1 pm, after locals and canines assisted in searching the areas near the restaurant.

Ashley's mother allegedly told the police she last saw her daughter at around 5 pm on Monday, before she went to lie down as her parents worked.

However, her explanation was nothing but a scheme to cover up the murder she is currently accused of committing.


It's been reported Chen punched her daughter multiple times in the head with her right fist inside the restaurant, according to ABC 5.

After the brutal assault, the child's father, Liang J Zhao, found Ashley with green fluid coming from her mouth. He then took her to the bathroom to wash it off, and let her lie down on the floor.

Moments later, he came to the harrowing realization Ashley was not breathing. He attempted to give her CPR, but failed.


Ashley had died. Her parents kept her inside their Chinese restaurant while authorities frantically searched the area.

Following the call that reported her missing, a statewide endangered child advisory was issued.

Jackson Township Police Department

After Ashley's "concealed" body was found murdered inside her parents' restaurant, her mother and father were charged accordingly.

Mingming Chen, the murderous mom, was charged of murder and felonious assault. Liang J Zhao, Ashley's father, was charged of complicity to commit felonious assault and complicity to murder.

Both were taken to Stark County Jail.