Papa John's Sent To Check On Grandma After Hurricane

Eric Olsen, who currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska, was worried when he couldn't get in touch with his 87-year-old grandmother after Hurricane Matthew hit her home state of Florida.

For two days, the storm tore up Claire Olsen's hometown of Palm Coast, Florida. Her grandson, Eric, didn't know if she was safe from the hurricane or not.

When phone calls weren't reaching her, he turned to the true hero of this story: Papa John.

Olsen told ABC News,

I was calling the police department, I was calling the sheriff's department, and no one was answering, so I was really worried. So I just said, 'I'm going to order her a pizza, and if they can deliver it, then I know she's alive.'

Really though, out of all the pizza places you pick Papa John's?

Your grandma might be lost at sea and she still wouldn't want that. At least get her some Dominos and show her a little respect.

Anyway, Olsen ordered the pizza from Papa John's and told the delivery person to call his phone when he reached his grandmother's house and to give her the phone so he could speak with her.

Unfortunately, the delivery person walked in to see this...

Just kidding, grandma was fine. She just had no power so her phone wasn't working.

Olsen added,

Police and fire couldn't do it, but Papa John's got there in 30 minutes and put the cellphone to her ear. People are asking why I didn't call the police and ask them to do a wellness check, but I did. Trust me, Papa John's was a last resort.

Papa John's is always the last resort... like, you're really drunk at 3 am and they're the only place that delivers last resort.

Claire Olsen said that her surprise pepperoni pizza was "fantastic."

So now I guess I know how to get free pizza delivered to me by my family. Just stop answering their calls.

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