Oreo Offering cookie pack that you can get for free.

You Have To See These Limited-Edition "Oreo Offering" Cookies For Aliens

We come in peace!


The clock is ticking for the White House to share what it knows about UFOs by the end of the month, and Oreo decided to get ahead of the information release with the drop of a sweet peace offering for any and all alien beings. The cookie company extended a friendly gesture to extraterrestrials on June 2 by stocking up a private farm in the Kansas countryside with Oreo cookies and milk to welcome any otherworldly visitors as part of Mission “Bring-All-Lifeforms-Together.” Now, you can score one of these limited-edition “Oreo Offering” packs as well.

On June 2, Oreo asked fans on Twitter to share their ideas for what cookie flavor and type of milk they should offer the extraterrestrials using the #OREOOffering hashtag. They also polled fans on the best place to eat an Oreo, so they could set the scene at the farm. The cookie and milk types with the most votes (Double Stuf and whole milk, respectively) were served at the mystery welcome site, which was decked out with bedroom furniture — the best place to eat the cookies, of course. And once the ambiance was just right, Oreo shared whether or not their offering to extraterrestrials was successful.

While earthlings weren’t able to visit the site on June 2, they can get into the extraterrestrial swing of things themselves by scoring one of Oreo’s limited-edition Offering packs for free and setting up their own Oreo Offerings in the comfort of their own homes.

To bag one of these Oreo Offering packs, all you have to do is visit and place your order. While the packs themselves are free, you’ll just need to pay a $3 shipping and handling cost for them to be sent to your address of choice. As for the cookies, you can expect the same combination of white creme filling and chocolate biscuit that you know and love with the twist of brand new, specially-designed packaging.


As for how you set up your own Oreo Offering, the company says, “Simply position a cookie in the center of the specially-designed pack and place it within clear view of the night sky to share a sign of peace and unity to any extraterrestrials out there.”

Keep in mind that these free specialty Oreo packs will only be available on a first-come, first-serve basis through June 4, so it’s a good idea to make a point to order one as soon as possible.