Photos Show Hoboken Train Crash That Caused Mass Casualties


At least one person has died after a New Jersey Transit train crash at Hoboken Terminal.

The train derailed and smashed through the station building during the busy morning commute at around 8:30 am on Thursday.

The fatality was confirmed by the Jersey City Medical Center, reports NBC News.

At least 40 people will be treated at the hospital, but there could be as many as 100 people injured. The Hoboken police chief said there were "mass casualties."

Dramatic videos and pictures of the destruction have emerged online.

Fire engines, ambulances and police vehicles have swarmed the area.

Part of the roof at the Hoboken station has collapsed because of the impact.

The train was making its way from Manhattan into the Lackawanna entrance.

There are no further details of injuries or numbers at this time.

Steve Capus told CBSN he saw someone with what appears to be a broken leg as well as victims in bloodied shirts. He said,

He added part of the station is being used to treat the injured.

A spokesman for NJ Transit told Elite Daily there are "multiple critical injuries." He said,

The spokesman would not confirm the number of fatalities at this time.