Insane New Weed Oils Let You Choose The Exact Type Of High You Want

It was only a matter of time before marijuana companies adopted a Burger King-esque “Have It Your Way” mentality when it came to customer satisfaction.

An American company called Ebbu is giving its stoner customers the ability to customize the highs they get from the weed they consume.

Through the company's custom-flavored fizzy drinks and cannabis cakes -- energy, chill, giggle, bliss and create -- a user can choose how ripped he or she gets and the kind of ripped her or she gets.

According to Fusion, Ebbu cofounder Dooma Wendschuh compared the work his company is doing to a distillery.

He said,

We've pioneered a technology that let's us create an entirely new product.

The company uses the raw plants to extract specific cannabinoids -- the chemicals in marijuana that get you high -- and then distills those cannabinoids from the weed into basic oils.

The hope is, by extracting and using these cannabinoids, Ebbu will be able to give users unsurprising types of highs every time they consume the drinks or edibles.

You can get a more in-depth look at the process in this video.

Still, there isn't an exact science for marijuana.

Often times, you don't know exactly how or even what kind of high you are experiencing from any given plant. Ebbu is trying to get rid of that uncertainty by offering weed oils that produce specific, consistent feelings.

This service could be incredibly useful for first-time pot smokers. The future is now!

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