Good News, Women Of New Hampshire: You Can Legally Free Your Nipples

Thanks to the New Hampshire House of Representatives shutting down one sexist bill on Wednesday, women's nipples are now a little more free. The bill would have made it a crime for women to expose their breasts and/or nipples in public.

After drawing national attention, the House voted to reject the bill, which was initially proposed as a way to prevent women from exposing their breasts with "reckless regard" and possibly offending people.

What's more troubling, one male lawmaker said in December that if women wanted to show their breasts in public, they should be OK with men wanting to "grab" them.

Hang on one sec while I check my calendar... Yep, it's still 2016.

Other supporters of the bill argued that allowing women to go topless at the beach might inspire them to take their tops off at libraries and Little League games. Because there's nothing us gals want to do more than rip our bras off at grade-school sporting events.

Ultimately, the bill got shut down because the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety expressed concerns over facing expensive court fees if it became a law -- not the fact it is shockingly sexist.

Also, with an average temperature of 46 degrees, how paranoid are New Hampshire lawmakers, really?

Personally, I often find myself offended by exposed male breasts while trying to walk my dog anywhere in LA, but I don't see any lawmakers trying to make that a crime.

Check out to find out if it's still a crime in your state to go topless (spoiler: it probably is) and find out what you can do to change these draconian laws.

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