New Galaxy S8 Audio Feature May Be Reason Enough To Finally Ditch The iPhone

by Rayne Ellis

After the Samsung launch, the internet was abuzz with pictures and videos of the newly publicized Samsung Galaxy S8.

Because of a nationwide ban from airplanes and other kinds of transportation citing safety concerns, many (including myself) felt the company couldn't recover from its PR nightmare.

But with barely any other competitors, and the next iPhone only in the speculation stage, Samsung might be able to gain public favor again.


Screen size, messaging apps, camera ability, overall interface -- in the end, the argument about which company is better in these fields is mostly based on preference: Do you want something user-friendly or something high-tech?

Now, audio features are another way the phones are competing with each other. The iPhone 7 boasts stereo speakers that are better than all of the previous phone models, but it caused a huge commotion when the company removed the earphone jack.

The Samsung S8 does have an earphone jack, so the "analog" style of headphones isn't entirely obsolete. But what Samsung is bringing to the table with the Galaxy S8 is going to change Bluetooth capabilities in a big way.


With the S8, users will be able to use more than one pair of wireless headphones over the same Bluetooth. What this means is two people can listen to the same music without using those pesky earphone splitters.

The Galaxy S8 is the first phone in existence to have Bluetooth 5.0, which is what gives the phone that dual-listener capability. With 5.0, the Bluetooth actually ranges up to 800 feet, meaning people in different rooms could even listen to the same music.

Every other phone with Bluetooth is using an older version of it.

Everything else in the phone's capabilities is within the realm of the iPhone 7, but this new technology means trouble for Apple if it's made the iPhone 8 without including this update.

The Galaxy S8 is available for pre-order (with free virtual reality gear) now, and is expected to start shipping by the end of April.

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