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Scientists Think This New Planet Could Be A Step Toward Finding Alien Life

Over 1,200 light-years and millions of miles away from Earth, there may be a new planet that has never before been seen, never mind named -- until now.

A potential alien planet has, for the time being, been dubbed CVSO 30c after a stunning photo captured what looks like a world near the star known as CVSO 30.

The distance between Earth and CVSO 30c is estimated to be a staggering 7 quadrillion miles.

The bright, white star in the middle of the photo is the star CVSO 30, while the brownish dot northwest of the star is CVSO 30c.

The potential alien planet was found by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) using a relatively new technique of direct imaging. According to FOX News, direct imaging has given astronomers reason to believe they could one day discover evidence of alien life.

In a press release that noted the discovery, the ESO pointed out just how unique CVSO 30c is, particularly compared to a similar exoplanet that was discovered near the CVSO 30 star.

The press release said,

While the previously-detected planet, CVSO 30b, orbits very close to the star, whirling around CVSO 30 in just under 11 hours at an orbital distance of 0.008 au, CVSO 30c orbits significantly further out, at a distance of 660 au, taking a staggering 27,000 years to complete a single orbit.

Still, CVSO 30c has yet to be confirmed an actual planet. But, in the event it does get confirmed as such and alien life is actually found, one thing should definitely be clear: Aliens, please come in peace.

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