New Netflix Update Lets You Preview TV Shows And Movies

The guys over at Netflix must be bored or something because they're making announcements left, right and center.

They dropped their latest one today. It's a brand spankin' new way for you to decide which TV show or movie to watch.

From now on, whenever you scroll through the array of media, a short clip will automatically play.

Previously, there was just an image and the option to watch a trailer. BUT NOW, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO WATCH IT.

Netflix confirmed the news today in a tweet, sans explainer video.

The caption read,

This goes out to everyone whose dinner got cold trying to pick something to watch.

That whole dinner line is true. This stuff happens to good people like me and you.

The update doesn't come without its drawbacks, however.

Netflix is going to have to be super careful about the scenes it's going to include in these mini clips. Too many might give away story lines, and the update could just turn into one big spoiler alert.

Too little, however, won't be enough to draw people in.


Only the other day, Netflix decided to give us an early Christmas present, and we're ever so grateful.

It launched an option to download your favorite TV shows and movies so you can watch them offline... just in time for that long journey back home for the holidays. They know what people want.

So, how does it work?

Very easily. All you have to do is find the download button next to an episode of your choice and – you know – download the episode.


This means you can watch "Orange Is the New Black," "Narcos" and "The Crown" without relying on those little internet bars at the top right corner of our screens that have somehow become our lives.

So, I guess Netflix isn't ALL bad.