Someone Live-Streamed This Naked Man Going On A Bizarre Rant About Trump

New York City is a town full of strange wonders, and Thursday morning was no exception.

A rather fit man went to the top of the TKTS building in Times Square and danced while taunting police officers. Oh, he was also stark naked.

The TKTS building is a set of climbable stairs, so it's not hard to get to the top. But the exact logistics of how he got up there are unclear.

Was he naked when he got to the top, or did he strip once he was up there? The reason for doing so also remains uncertain.

Police tried to get him to come down safely from the structure. They set up an inflatable crash bag, and urged him to jump onto it.

He was apparently threatening to jump onto the asphalt. It's unclear whether he intentionally jumped off, or whether he slipped while he was running away from the police.

The man is now being treated by paramedics.

Most of the showdown was live-streamed on Periscope by Wesley Ahlgren.

The naked man apparently began shouting about Donald Trump. People say that he was shouting for Trump to be brought to him.

While the man was on top of the TKTS building – which provides tickets for Broadway shows – he taunted the police and danced.


Despite the silliness of the visuals, this was a very serious situation, especially since it involved physical harm for the man. The fact that people saw this happening and shrugged it off as just another morning is also a testament to the oddness of New York City.

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