2 Adorable Mountain Lion Kittens Found In LA Mountain Range (Video)

As if you needed another reason to move to California, two mountain lion kittens, a boy and a girl less than 1 month old, were recently found in the Santa Monica Mountains.

P-46 and P-47 (we have to work on better names) were tagged with tracking devices by the National Park Service, as Southern California Public Radio Station KPCC reports.

Though their habitat is heavily urbanized, biologists who have been following the Los Angeles wildcat population say the kittens are doing surprisingly well.

Still, they will face many dangers as they reach adulthood, including the busy nearby highways and prevalence of rat poison in the surrounding hills. Biologists will continue to keep an eye on them.

In the meantime, they're just doing what mountain lion kittens do: being adorable. I'm sure their mother, P-19, is very proud.

You can see footage of the adorable kittens hissing at a cameraman in the video below.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on YouTube

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