These Are The Most Regretted Baby Names, According To Parents


Incase you were unaware, choosing your baby's name is kind of a big deal.

It's a name you are going to be hearing multiple times a day for a very, very long time -- and a name that your child is going to be stuck with for the rest of his or her life.

Choose wisely, Mom and Dad, because you don't want to regret making any rash decisions.

Can you imagine how awful that would be?! Not actually liking the name you've assigned to your pride and joy?

Well, you don't need to imagine, because I can tell you straight up there are parents out there who admittedly regret the names they've chosen for their kids -- one fifth of parents in the UK, to be exact.

A recent Mumsnet poll revealed that 18% of parents surveyed admitted they aren't happy with the names they've given their children.

In fact, they've even admitted the reasons as to why they regret their decisions, and the answers are pretty entertaining.

Apparently, 25% of those who made the wrong choice aren't happy because the names they picked out are "too commonly used."

How do you avoid the deep-seated regret that comes with birthing a basic baby?

Probably don't pick one of the trendiest names of 2016. For girls, the top three names of the summer are Thomasin, Leire and Rae, according to Nameberry's latest list. For boys, it's Kylo, Corin and Rex.

Maybe you wouldn't go that trendy anyway, but you'll probably also want to steer clear of Mary and James, the most common girl and boy names of all time.

But 21% of parents have another complaint -- they say the names "just don't feel right."


One reason I personally found hilarious was the 6% who claimed "I have never liked it -- I don't know why we chose it."

I know you're all dying know some of the worst baby names that *maybe* some of these unlucky parents sided with, so Reddit users provided a short list of the worst baby names they've heard for us:

  1. Elizabreth
  2. Mhavryk
  3. Aliviyah
  4. Baby
  5. Little Sweetmeat
  6. Nevaeh
  7. Danger
  8. North West
  9. Harley-Quinn
  10. Beberly

Is your mind blown? Because mine is... especially by #4. Who calls a baby Baby?!?

Also, you better believe North West is on the list. Gotta love 'er, though.

All jokes aside, it's true that everyone makes mistakes -- and although some of these names have no hope, there's gotta be a nickname or two to save the day for some of the unlucky kids out there.