Morgan Freeman's Granddaughter Tragically Stabbed To Death In New York

The granddaughter of Morgan Freeman was reportedly fatally stabbed outside her Washington Heights home at around 3 am on Sunday.

According to The New York Post, 33-year-old E'Dena Hines, the granddaughter of Freeman's first wife, was stabbed 16 times before she was found lying on West 162nd Street.

Hines was pronounced dead at Harlem Hospital shortly after, Mashable reports.

Her 30-year-old boyfriend, Lamar Davenport, was allegedly taken into police custody and has since been charged with murder.

George Hudacko, who claims to have seen the attack from his apartment window, told The New York Post it looked like Davenport was trying to perform some sort of exorcism.

Hudacko quotes Davenport as saying,

Get out, devils! I cast you out, devils! In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you out!… Jesus Christ is born!

A police source said Davenport was "making a stabbing motion with his arm" while the hunting knife remained in Hines' chest.

Ray Rosario, a friend of the two, saw the couple that night and reportedly told The Daily Beast,

I've never seen E'Dena as happy as she was last night.

Law enforcement sources told the Post Davenport has previously been arrested for offenses related to marijuana and petit larceny. He was also described as a heavy user of cocaine and alcohol.

Hines became Freeman's granddaughter when her mother was adopted by Freeman.

Freeman released a statement not long after her death. He said,

The world will never know her artistry in talent, and how much she had to offer. Her friends and family were fortunate enough to have known what she meant as a person. Her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. May she rest in peace.

He additionally posted this Facebook message to thank the public for their support:

I want to acknowledge the tremendous outpouring of love and support my family has received regarding the tragic and senseless passing of my granddaughter Edena Hines. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -M Posted by Morgan Freeman on Sunday, August 16, 2015

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