Mom Walked With Dead Baby For 16 Heartbreaking Days


Charlotte Szakacs hopes heartbreaking photos from her experience of losing her baby girl will help others during the grieving process.

During their daughter Evlyn's 20-week scan, Charlotte, 21, and her husband Attila, 28, were told their child had a chromosome abnormality.

Evlyn was born three months later on December 13, weighing 5 lbs, 5 oz. Her brain was underdeveloped and totally smooth. The airways in her nose and lungs were too narrow, as was her aorta.


Evlyn beat the odds and lived for four weeks before she passed away in Charlotte and Attila's arms on January 10.

Many parents face this very sad reality, but there are breakthroughs to help with the grieving process.

Charlotte, who is a paint technician, and Attila, an engineer, spent 12 days at a hospice where Evlyn was kept in a "cuddle cot."

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Evlyn was kept in the refrigerated "cuddle cot" and her family could even take her out for family walks during the days they spent in hospice and the four days they spent at home before her funeral on January 26.

Charlotte said,


After Evlyn was born, she got progressively worse, and doctors suggested moving her to a hospice.

Eventually Charlotte and her husband agreed -- they didn't want to watch their daughter die on a ventilator, surrounded by doctors and machines.

The first-time mother said,

After they removed her breathing tube, Evlyn passed away. Her mother said she was so weak she didn't take a single breath.


Charlotte continued,

Charlotte and Attila were married in 2015 and tried having a child for a year before they found out they were expecting Evlyn on April 29, a day before Charlotte's birthday.


It was a totally normal pregnancy up until the 20-week scan, which showed Evlyn had a hypoplastic aortic arch.

When Evlyn was born, she was rushed to a ventilator -- her parents didn't see her for seven hours, and they couldn't hold her for three days.

Charlotte said,


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