Mom Used FB To Lure Men To Home With Promise Of A Party Before Robbing Them


A teenage mother used Facebook to lure men into her apartment with promises of a party before before robbing them upon arrival.

Nicole Cairns, 19, messaged 20-year-old Decklin Law and persuaded him to come to her apartment for a party in November 2015, MailOnline reports.

Law, oblivious to Cairns's plot, brought his friend Connor Mather with him to the gathering. When they arrived, they were beaten, robbed and bombarded by strangers.

Cairns was convicted of attacking both men, but she was not given a prison sentence so she could take care of her baby.


The mother-of-one isn't the only participant in the unexpected robbery, though.

Jordan Richardson, 20, approached Law and Mather with a knife when they arrived and demanded they give him their possessions.

He said,

Give us your money, give us your drink, give us all your stuff.

Richardson was allegedly waving the knife while wearing a black hoodie and a surgical mask. He ended up slicing Law on the lip, but he was able to fight the man off.

Of the encounter, Law stated,

I saw an opportunity and grabbed him by the shoulder and forced him back and was trying to get out.

During the debacle, Cairns and three other girls ran out from the apartment holding wooden table legs and started beating Mather.

Law commented on the startling attack,

I turned round and saw three or four girls standing with wooden table legs and Connor was bent down trying to cover his head because they were hitting him with the legs.

Apparently, he had no idea who the other girls were.


During the ambush, Law and Mather were both slashed by Richardson's knife, but they were eventually able to flee from the scene.

After inviting Law and Mather to the apartment and brutally beating them, both Cairns and Richardson denied their abuse.

However, the jury took less than an hour to convict both of them for attacking the men at her Hamilton home.

Although Cairns was not given a jail sentence, she is being ordered to perform 200 hours of unpaid work and stay inside her home every day from 7 am to 7 pm for three months.

Sheriff Brown spoke about her sentence, saying,

I have taken into account that you have a young child and a sentence of imprisonment would adversely affect your child.

Richardson, on the other hand, will be sentenced next month.

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