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Mom Seduces 15-Year-Old Boy By Trading Sex For Dirt Bike

A woman from Layton, Utah, was just sentenced to up to five years in jail after confessing to having sex with a teenage boy and endangering four other teens after she let them have a beer pong party in her house.

The 29-year-old mother, Amber Renee Bradley, was initially charged with the crimes in June and pleaded guilty to two third degree felonies, including unlawful sexual activity with a minor and dealing in materials harmful to a minor.

According to documents, Bradley confessed to having sex with a 15-year-old boy on two different occasions at the boy's home from April to June 2016.

The teen claims Bradley was the one who initiated the sexual acts.

The teen boy told police he “was hesitant to engage” in a sexual relationship with the mother, but he was persuaded by Bradley.

Court records reveal the 15-year-old boy was also hesitant the second time Bradley tried to seduce him, but agreed when the mom offered to buy him a dirt bike and take him anywhere he desired.

The boy's parents said Bradley was given permission to be in their home for a specific amount of time.

Bradley also made good on her promise and bought the boy a dirt bike, despite his parents' wishes.

Davis County Jail

But that's not all. In addition to trading a dirt bike for sex, Bradley also sent the teen nude pics.

According to court documents, nude photos of Bradley were found on the teen's cell phone along with a picture that showed the two together on a bed.

Court records also reveal the two had exchanged text messages in which they said they loved each other and referred to one another with names like “baby” and “daddy."

Davis County Jail

Bradley pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawful sexual activity and was sentenced to up to 5 years in Utah State prison.

In a separate incident occurring on June 4, Bradley exposed several underage boys to marijuana and Xanax while they played beer pong in her home.

Police allegedly found four young males in “close proximity” to alcohol, marijuana, Xanax and drug paraphernalia.

Bradley also pleaded guilty to four counts of attempted endangerment of a child and was ordered to serve up to one year in prison by Second District Court Judge Glen R. Dawson.

Both of Bradley's sentences will run at the same time and she will be given credit for the 50 days she has already spent behind bars in Davis County Jail.

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