Mom Who Pushed Husband Out Window Speaks Before Suicide In Chilling New Show

by Hope Schreiber

Before she was found dead in her prison cell in October, 25-year-old Amber Hilberling of Oklahoma appeared in an episode of "Women Who Kill," a documentary that hopes to reveal why ordinary women commit violence.

Katherine Case, an author and journalist, said,

Women almost never kill a stranger, in 99.9 per cent of the time the woman has a relationship with the victim.

Amber was 19 years old when she was convicted of pushing her husband Josh out of a 25th floor window -- she maintained her innocence until her death. On the show, she continues to claim it was self-defense.


Josh was a US Air Force Veteran who stood at 6'6", and Amber was 5'5". She claims they were arguing when he attacked her, and she pushed him through the closed window in retaliation.

"Women Who Kill," which is on Channel 4 in the UK, included CCTV footage of Amber telling her grandmother she pushed him.

Despite the alleged violence, and what Amber would describe as a "fiery" relationship, she still believed in their happy ending.


In the chilling footage from the documentary, the prisoner said,

I've never tried to make it sound like he is the big bad wolf and I'm little Red Riding Hood that is running for her life, it wasn't like that. We were both young and we were both selfish in our emotions because we were young, and I think if it had happened later on in life when we were both a little bit more grown up, I think it would have been happily ever after.

Amber was just 18 years old and seven months pregnant when she married Josh. Their son Levi, who is now 5, is being taken care of by Amber's mother Rhonda.


Rhonda believes her daughter was unfairly portrayed as "an aggressor" by the media. She says Josh's military career, and the manufacturing of drugs that ended it, was ignored.

Prosecutors argued there was no evidence Amber pushed Josh in self-defense -- there were no signs of struggle. They believed even if his death was unintentional, she showed disregard for his life by pushing him toward the window.

On "Dr. Phil," Amber said Josh was abusive. She said,

I loved Josh very much. I stayed with him for as long as I could. They painted me as a monster. It was breaking my heart just to have him leave. So to intend to kill somebody that you love that much, it couldn't be plausible.

Amber was given a 25-year sentence. She served five years of her sentence before committing suicide on October 24, 2016.

The documentary will air Wednesday on Channel 4 at 10 pm.

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