Mom Put On Sex Offender List For Sending Out Cheating BF's Explicit Pics

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A UK mother was named a sex offender after sending pornographic photos of her cheating ex-boyfriend to get revenge.

According to the Daily Record, 32-year-old Lorraine Donoghue found a pair of woman's underwear and a sex toy under the bed of her 37-year-old boyfriend, Willie Crawford, last April.

She gave birth to Crawford's daughter just six weeks prior and apparently forgave him for being unfaithful previously.

Crawford denied cheating on Donoghue again but kicked her and her new baby out of their home when she confronted him.

Donoghue, from Falkirk, Scotland, then remembered she knew Crawford's Facebook password.

She told the Daily Record,

There in his private messages were disgusting pictures and videos of him and this young teenager having sex, and I felt instantly sick.

According to Donoghue, Crawford was seeing his 18-year-old lover "while [Donoghue] was pregnant for about a year."

After examining the times and dates of the messages, Donoghue determined Crawford was with the young woman while his new daughter was being born.

He told Donoghue he had to work at the time and called her "mad" for accusing him of cheating.

In the Facebook messages, Crawford reportedly told the teen he was "100 percent" with her and apparently revealed he chose her over his newborn child.

Crawford even allegedly sent a sex tape to his friends.

Donoghue became outraged at uncovering the messages. She explained,

Then in a moment of madness and utter desperation and anger, I took some screen grabs and mailed them to people I knew. I even sent them to Willie and the girl and although I knew it was really nasty, I sent some to her mum and her boyfriend so they could see her and what she was doing.

At some point, Crawford apparently sent Donoghue pictures of more women he was seeing, one of whom, he claimed, was pregnant with his child.

Donoghue was soon charged with violating Scotland's Sexual Offense Act, as well as the nation's Telecommunications Act, for sending obscene photos over the Internet.

Last month, she pleaded guilty to violating the latter act, and her not guilty plea to the former act was accepted by the court.

Donoghue was declared a sex offender at first, but a sheriff reportedly took her off the list recently.

Her sentence included 15 months of supervision and 120 hours of unpaid work.

Donoghue acknowledged acting "in the heat of the moment" and out of "utter madness" was no excuse for sending the screenshots.

She is now warning other scorned lovers not to post revenge porn as their sentences might not be so light.

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