Mom Posts Bizarre Live Video Of 'Interesting' Fatal Shooting Outside Walmart


A woman who stumbled across the aftermath of a fatal shooting in Kansas decided she had to film the scene for Facebook.

Yes, Wendy Russell Macrorie's first reaction was to take out her cell phone and tell the world what just happened in a bizarre video.

One person was killed and two others injured in an alleged car-jacking attempt outside a Walmart in Shawnee on Sunday.

A woman was putting her child in her car when she was approached by two men and hit over the head, reports KMBC.

Two good Samaritans got out of their cars to help. One was shot by an assailant in the chaos while the other passerby killed one of the attackers.

Wendy said she was in Walmart buying an inner tube for her son's bike tire when she left and was met with the bloody scene.

In the strange video, she says,

Both the victim and the passerby shot by an attacker were taken to the hospital in critical condition, but the victim is reported to be recovering well.

The assailant who was not shot was taken down by a police dog and arrested.

Maj. Dan Tennis, of the Shawnee Police Department, said,

He added the good Samaritans will be interviewed when they're able to talk.

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