Splashes Leisure Pool in Kent Closed After 80 Kids Fell Sick

A mom sparked a slew of angry Facebook posts after she wrote about her child catching a bug from a swimming pool in Kent, England.

Around 80 kids fell violently ill following their visit to Splashes Leisure Pool in Bloors Lane, Rainham, on Friday.

The outbreak of sickness and diarrhea was so severe, some children had to be taken to the hospital over the weekend.

Samantha Kemsley said her daughter was violently sick over 15 times, and she was "overwhelmed" to discover so many other parents had the same experience.

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Laura Hyland wrote,

My little boy went here on Friday along with his friend and they both became ill. Thought they might of just given each other a bug but after talking to more than 20 friends and friends of friends who also went here on Friday they had all been sick!! That can't just be coincidence! The changing rooms also absolutely stink of urine, its disgusting! Don't go here and definitely don't take your children!!

Countless parents commented underneath, sharing stories about how their children also fell sick after visiting the pool.


The pool was dyed red over Halloween weekend, which many parents thought was the cause.


But Medway Council suggested the outbreak may have been linked to a couple of sick kids bringing the illness in.

Authorities warned parents not to visit the pool if their children were sick.

A spokesperson for Medway Council told Kent Online,

Following reports of sickness among some children who had visited Splashes on Friday, we are thoroughly cleaning the pool and changing areas and have increased chlorine levels in the pool. While we cannot determine whether the illness is linked to Splashes, we have taken necessary precautions to stop the potential further spread of germs. We urge customers not to visit the pool when they are feeling unwell, especially when suffering with sickness, as this would be the most likely cause of any spread of illness to other customers.

The pool is closed while it undergoes its deep clean. No time frame has been given for its reopening.