Lunch Lady Caught Having Sex With Teen On Kitchen Floor After Family Finds Sexts

by Alexandra Strickler

A mother-of-four was originally spared jail time after she was caught having sex with an underage teen on her kitchen floor.

Now, however, she's been given a more stringent sentence by top judges, who ruled her original punishment was not sufficient.

Terri Spragg, a 35-year-old former lunch lady, had sex with a 14-year-old student on the floor of her kitchen after drinking alcohol. She had even allegedly warned him not to tell anyone, as she knew she could go to prison.

She was initially given a 15-month suspended sentence at Newport Crown Court in January.


But today, Spragg, who is from England, will begin a three-year jail term, after judges sitting at the Court of Appeal in London ruled her original sentence to be "unduly lenient."

The former lunch lady said in court she continued to message the 14-year-old student after they had sex, as she had grown jealous of his relationship with a new girlfriend of his own age.

According to The Sun, the court also heard the pair played a sex game on New Year's Eve in 2014 where the "loser" had to massage the back of the "winner."

Though Spragg had attempted to cover her tracks by deleting any observable contact between her and the student on social media, her crimes were revealed by a relative of the victim who had grown concerned about his behavior.

The relative discovered text messages from Spragg on the victim's cell phone.


Spragg's case was referred to the Appeal Court by Jeremy Wright QC, the attorney general, who asked three senior judges to review her initial sentence.

Lawyers argued the Crown Court judge didn't take the nature of the offenses or the significant gap in age between the two parties seriously enough.

While Spragg had experienced problems in her life which may have "clouded her judgment" at the time, the three judges said in court she knew exactly what she was getting herself into.


Lord Justice Treacy said,

That there may have been a sexual attraction between them is nothing to the point - this legislation is designed to protect young people from their urges and from those who should know better than to take advantage of the situation. It is perfectly clear that she fully appreciated the wrong she was doing, as her comments at the time and her attempts to cover up her social media trail demonstrate. She went into this series of offenses with her eyes wide open and she was fully aware of the consequences for her if she were to have been found out.

Spragg was ordered by the court to surrender herself at Newport police station by 5 pm today.

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