Model Calls Out The Guys Who Harass Her Online By Posting Their Messages

A model is shaming the men who harass her online by showing their disgusting messages to the public.

Emily Sears is an Australian model who, like many of her peers, posts photos on her social media accounts to build her 2.3-million-strong fan base.

The Los Angeles-based model loves conversing with her fans online, but often receives direct messages containing inappropriate requests or photos, BuzzFeed reports.

Sears decided the best way to stop these men from sexually harassing her was to reveal their DMs and social media handles to her followers.

Some men asked for nude photos...

...while others attempted to solicit sexual activity.

Sears told BuzzFeed,

I get messages from men who say we're 'sluts who are asking for it', which can get pretty overwhelming. But I truly believe its a huge social problem reflecting the attitude many men have towards women and I want to keep trying to fight against it.

It appears the amount of sexual invitations Sears gets, however, is dwarfed by the onslaught of dick pics showing up in her DM inbox.

She said,

I usually receive at least one or two dick pics per day, at minimum. It's just been consistently happening for so long. I became absolutely fed up with these kinds of disturbing and disgusting messages and comments online.

After visiting the profiles of these men, Sears realized a great deal of the senders actually had girlfriends.

So, she started sending the girlfriends screenshots of the dick pics and the lewd messages accompanying them.

In one example, Sears clarified she acted in support of the girlfriend.


According to Sears, the men typically respond with "panicked" apologies when she sends them photos of their girlfriends' profiles, but Sears knows they are only sorry they got caught.

She said,

I have noticed since posting my responses as a warning that the number [of dick pics] has been significantly lower. I think my followers are slowly getting the message.

Sears added by sharing the screenshots of the messages, she is showing the world "women aren't making this stuff up" when it comes to claims of regular sexual harassment.

She said,

This isn't just happening to models with a big followings. It's happening when women are online dating and denying matches with men. It can happen to any woman online, just like it can happen to any woman walking down the street.

Sears urged other women to take on her screenshot tactic should they be greeted with similarly inappropriate and harassing messages.

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