Miami Is The Worst City In America, This New Study Says

It's official: Miami is the worst city in America.

It beat Detroit, Michigan and Paterson, New Jersey to claim the top spot in a not-so-flattering new study by 24/7 Wall Street.

The research compared a whole range of factors from swanky restaurants to employment growth. But the biggest divider was income.

Miami has one of the largest income inequality gaps in the United States.

The average income is $31,917 a year, far below the national average of $53,657. Meanwhile, Miami's top 1 percent earn $2 million a year.

Compare this to the city's property prices, which land above the national average of $181,200 at $245,000.

Part of the 24/7 Wall Street report reads,

Income is highly associated with a range of other social and economic factors. Because of its importance, financial status was a major component of the ranking. Low-income families tend to live in communities with less stable housing, worse health systems, greater exposure to stressors such as violent crime, less secure employment, and higher exposure to poor air quality and environmental toxins. While prospering under these conditions is certainly possible, these factors dramatically lower the likelihood of doing so.

Here are the top ten worst cities, according to the study:

1. Miami, FL

2. Detroit, MI

3. Paterson, NJ

4. Hawthorne, CA

5. Fall River, MA

6. Birmingham, AL

7. Memphis, TN

8. Flint, MI

9. Cleveland, OH

10. Gary, IN